• Empire City

    Empire City is a fictional setting of my own creation. Similar in most respects to a classic film noir city setting, this one also has a little more up it’s sleeve. A heaping helping of classic art deco and streamline moderne, a dash of 50s sci-fi, a hint of classic monsters and the occult, a smattering of classic pin-up girls, all coated in a thick retro futurism sauce. Bake it at 425 degrees for two hours and you’ve got yourself something close to the collection offered here.

    Empire City: A collection of art and design, is a 8.5"x11", 112 page hardcover collection of illustration, graphic design, and typography all centered about a fictional noir city. 

    This is not a narrative book, I always like to tell a story with my art and almost every piece in here tells a unique story. I’ve always felt that its the artist’s job to provide the information, to tell the story, but it’s always up to the viewer to decode it for themselves. 

    The book was funded on Kickstarter in 2018. It is available at https://mikemahle.com/collections/books/products/empire-city
  • Empire City Kickstarter launch video
  • Book cover
  • several pieces from Empire City
  • "Date Night" 
  • Tall Tales intro section spread
  • "Lady of the Lake"
  • "The Knockout"
  • A sample of title card design
  • MUGGS, a section of the book dedicated to characters
  • A sample of Empire City logo designs
  • A sample of car and vehicle designs 
  • Empire City logo