Freebies p.5, Mockups, Scene generators, Gradients

  • 5th part of our collection 
    of awesome freebies

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  • 1. Free Mesh Gradients

    100 Vector mesh gradients


  • 2. Free Bag Mockup Scene

    Download a free sample – bag mockup scene. Part of Branding Presentation Kit

    - Gold and silver foil mockup
    - Full color mockup
    - Changeable composition
    - Separated items and shadows

    ➞​​​​​​​  Download Free Bag Mockup Scene    ➞ Branding Presentation Kit

  • 3. Free iPhone X Longscroll Mockup

    Great for long scroll interfaces and mobile landing pages

  • 4. Free Transparent Wrinkled A4 Mockup

    Today’s freebie, awesome high-resolution fabric wrinkles mockup. Works with Photoshop CC+

    - Changeable background
    - Adjustable shadows and reflections
    - Change mockup in a few clicks
    - Textured, transparent and painted variations

  • 5. Free Crumpled Paper Mockup for Photoshop

    Today's freebie – wrinkled mockups for your print presentations. Use crumpled overlay for your prints.
    - High quality
    - Free crumpled paper mockup
    - Easy to use
    - 6000x4500 px

  • 6. Free Huawei Mate X Phone (Fold) Mockup

    Today's freebie Huawei Mate X Phone mockup, awesome foldable smartphone. Thanks to 3D in Photoshop, your design will look perfect on the folds. Download this Huawei Mate X Phone mockup for free.

    ➞​​​​​​​  Download Huawei Mate X Phone Mockup  ➞ More design tools

  • 7. N.Mockups Free Sample

    After much experimentation, we made a beautiful big pack of templates. You can completely change all the details. Add hard shadows for a unique look. Change the colors of all elements. And also you can add and change lights.
    For the sketch version, you need to install the plugin.

    ➞ Download mockup for free  ➞​​​​​​​ Full Version

  • 8. iPad Pro Mockup (2018)

    New iPad Pro Mockup 2018. Great for UI presentatios
    - 6000x4500 px
    - Perfect iPad Pro 2018 Mockups
    - Easy to use
    - Change mockup in a few clicks

    ➞  Download Free iPad Pro 2018 Mockup  ➞​​​​​​​ Full Version

  • 9. Free iPhone XS Mockups

    Great for UI presentations. Mockup. You will receive files for Photoshop and Sketch.
    Resolution: 6000x4500 px
    6 Different materials
    Changeable colors
    Adjustable shadows and reflections

    ➞ Download Free iPhone XS Mockup   ➞​​​​​​​  Full Version

  • 10. Samsung Galaxy S9 Mockups

    Hey guys, check out this free Samsung Galaxy S9 Mockups in top view. High quality renders, changeable colors and white clay and black clay versions.

    For Sketch and Photoshop

  • 11. Free iPhone XR Mockups

    Great for UI presentations. 8 materials included, official colors, white clay version, black clay version
    - 6000x4500 px
    - Perfect iPhone Xr Mockup
    - iPhone Xr Clay Version
    - 8 Different materials

  • 12. Free Notepad Mockup

    High quality notepad mockup in a huge resolution and with changeable everything.

    - 6000x4500 px
    - Easy to play
    - Changeable environment

  • 13. Free Plastic Pouch Mockup

    Download this free plastic pouch mockup. Also, do not forget to check our awesome Branding Presentation Kit

    - 4500x3000 px
    - Photoshop CS4+
    - Perfect plastic pouch bag mockup
    - Changeable colors
    - Adjustable shadows and reflections

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