UNOi Brand Evolution

  • UNOi Brand Evolution
  • UNOi is a project for educational transformation whose teaching method is built upon the Maker Culture. Currently, it forms a network reaching over 400 schools and more than 130 thousand students.
    With the belief on the importance of getting your hands on and innovating to meet the standards of educational needs and abilities for the contemporary world, this project promotes a structural change within the schools, converging the education principles of the 21st century with the most advanced knowledge there is in pedagogy, technology, content, bilingual education, evaluation and continuing education of the teaching staff.
    Megalo was commissioned to conceptualize and develop a year-long 3 stage project: introduce UNOi to managers, teachers and schools; create a reenrollment and an institutional campaign. The first step was to reinforce Maker Culture concept and enhance the brand’s visual communication with its main features.

  • Client: Editora Moderna  |  Year: 2018  |  Services: Campaign, Brand expression, Editorial design​​​​​​​