Solar Corona / Lightning One LP

  • Design, illustration and animation for Solar Corona's March 2019 European Tour and Lightning One LP. Solar Corona is a Portuguese instrumental rock quartet whose sound blends the typical features of psychedelic rock with machine-alike elements like the repetition of rhythmic structures and use of synthesized melodic patterns. There's also a very organic and physical component transversal to their music that's perceived on the way they change pace and intensity along their distorted compositions, which served as inspiration for both designs. 

  • Tour poster and color variations

  • Animated Tour Poster

  • Tour poster detail shot

  • Lightning One (LP) record artwork and design

  • Artwork animation and variations for each song

  • Augmented Reality cover preview (video: Solar Corona)

  • Detail shot #1

  • Detail shot #2

  • Detail shot #3

  • Posters for the 'Lightning One' presentation shows

  • Solar Corona: Rodrigo Carvalho, José Roberto Gomes, Peter Carvalho, Julius Gabriel
    Photography: Renato Cruz Santos

  • Serafim Mendes, 2019
    Website / Instagram​​​​​​​