• why:
    To revive a deserted museum and create a new industry within the area.

  • Within an 18-minute walk from the station, you will find the Uozu Buried Forest Museum in UOZU City, Toyama Prefecture. A small town with a population of 40,000 people and 2.5 hours away from Tokyo. You may not have heard of the name “Buried Forest” before. It is a unique process when trees become fossils in the sand, and is appointed as a natural monument in Japan. Despite opening for 64 years, there have been hardly any visitors touring this unusual museum. We questioned how we could revitalize the future in Uozu by renovating the entrance of the museum.


  • how:
    We returned to the history of fruit cakes to create a cake brand, that best expressed the essence of fruits.

  • In Uozu, there originally was a cake shop loved by the area, called Lindenbaum. In Toyama prefecture where Uozu is located, is a place known for its fruit cultivation. We therefore decided to open a store together at the entrance to create a cafe & cake shop that would attract attention from the metropolitan area. While thinking of the best way to present the fruit as the cake, we realized that the best design for this was for it to “look exactly like the fruit,” where the KININAL brand was born.

    KININAL is a new cake brand that retains the exact appearance of fruits; a cake that looks exactly like a kiwi, a cake that looks exactly like a fig, to a cake that looks exactly like a peach. With the cream hidden inside the cake and the feeling as if eating the whole fruit, completes the fullness of the cake. You can also drink the fresh juices as it is, where the skin of grapefruits and oranges are used as eco-friendly containers. We do our best to be loyal to what we are interested in. (In Japanese, KININAL means both something that becomes a tree, that is, a fruit; or something that one finds interest in.)

    魚津にはリンデンバウムという地域に愛されるケーキ屋さんがありました。そして魚津のある富山県はフルーツの栽培でも有名です。そこで、彼らと一緒にエントランスに出店し、首都圏からも注目されるようなカフェ&ケーキのお店を作ることにしました。 考えたのは、徹底的にフルーツに徹するケーキ。それを実現する一番良いデザインは「フルーツにしか見えない」ということだと直感し、KININALというブランドが誕生しました。 

    KININALは、フルーツや木の実そのままの形に徹底的に忠実に提供する新しいケーキブランドです。キウイにしか見えないケーキ。いちじくにしか見えないケーキ。ももにしか見えないケーキなど、フルーツをそのまま丸ごと食べる感覚で、中に隠された美味しいクリームと口の中で融合して、口の中でケーキが完成します。ジュースもまた、グレープフルーツやオレンジの革を用いて、そのまま飲めるエコなスタイル。木になるものに忠実に、を徹底的にやります。 (日本語でKININALは木になるもの、つまりくだもののことであり、また気になるもののことでもあります。)

  • To make the most of the museum’s existing frame and to change the space so that one can come in contact with the waterside area, we constructed an oval-shaped wooden deck that connects the interior and exterior spaces. The wooden floor creates a sense of openness by stretching out to the open. In addition, we created the KININAL counter with plenty of local wood, and designed the glass case with a limited frame so the fruit shaped cakes will stand out to the customers.


  • now:
    The cakes became a hit topic all over social media, making it widely known all over Japan.

  • < 90,000
    The amount of likes on one customers' tweet

    The increased number of times visitors to the Uozu Buried Forest Museum

    A small cake shop that quietly opened in the city that made it out all over social media. It became a popular store that now people queue for. The number of visitors that come to the Buried Forest Museum increased by 2.5 times, making it an official place to visit in Uozu. Stay tuned for more from KININAL.


  • what:
    Uozu city, Toyama, Japan

    social design for evolution.

  • who:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
    Art Direction
    NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
    Graphic Design
    NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa, Ryota Mizusako, Shun Kudo)
    Sweets Design
    NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
    Linden Baum (Shuichi Tamamori)
    Space Design
    NOSIGNER (Eisuke Tachikawa)
    Aki Hamada Architects Inc (Aki Hamada, Musashi Makiyama)
    LINDEN BAUM Co., Ltd.

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