• NOTUS ECOSYSTEM Cost - free business infrastructure​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    NOTUS ECOSYSTEM is a new token economy equipped with cost-free business infrastructure generated by green energy revenue. Along with our Notus Coin, the payment system welcomes and utilizes Bitcoin to capture market cap over 100 billion USD. NOTUS ECOSYSTEM will release everyone from all business cost while promoting eco-friendly financial technology at the same time.



  • 合作客戶 Client:Notus Ecosystem
    導演 Director:黃鈺嵐 Beryl Huang
    腳本 Script & 分鏡設計 Storyboard :黃鈺嵐 Beryl Huang
    關鍵影格 Styleframe Designer :黃鈺嵐 Beryl Huang
    美術設計 Art:陳乙萱 Yi-Xaun,Chen 
    動態設計 Motion Design :朱詠任 Tino Chu
    配音員 Voice over :  Scudder
    錄音師 Recorder : 斐聲音效 / Oudi
    音樂 & 聲音設計 Music & Sound Design:Frame 泛音樂 / 吳柏毅