ADHD Rollercoaster

  • ADHD Rollercoaster
    Medicating children who struggle with ADHD can bring highs and lows, and our client invented a new treatment to help ease this emotional rollercoaster. Inspired by vintage rollercoasters, our visuals show a dystopian theme park to communicate the emotional ride of ADHD is now a relic of the past. Each visual heroes one of our three run-down rides: the ‘Daily Disruptor’, the ‘ADHD’ and the ‘Suppertime Screamer’. By crafting these in CG we were able to be hyper-realistic and give extra attention to the rusting and paint. To distinguish each ride, we cast them at different times in the day from sunrise to sunset. The work was fortunate enough to garner attention at Cannes, and won us two Silver lions! For us it was an exhilarating ride indeed.