Hey Batter Batter! Brand Identity

  • What About Baseball
    Hey Batter Batter! Edition

    Create and design a brand identity, naming and illustrations for the card game What About Baseball featuring 52 card standard size playing deck consisting of 13 unique characters in 4 color schemes. Box design, art for the game. We Have Become Vikings (WHBV) will be the liaison with the manufacturer making sure all files are designed to standards, templates, etc.

    The attitude will be funny, humorous and inclusive. Cards will feature different races and gender. The appropriate ages are 7 and up. Characters not so childish that parents are disinterested.

    The majority of the characters are players, but, we will also incorporate popcorn venders, announcers, umpires. We will also build out and develop backstories for all characters to further the concept and build depth.

    Here is the naming: "What About Baseball, Hey Batter Batter! Edition" and brand identity.