• The Moment of love

    Nowadays, in modern society. “LOVE” no longer exists in man and woman, it not only exists in heterosexual but also homosexual. Even across species, time and space. 
    We can fall in love with someone easily, or lose your heart to a tree with a single glance. 

    Jack and Ennis snuggle in front of The bonfire with Wyoming Mountain surrounded. Carol fell in love with The cashier girl Therese in Christmas market when they first met. Theodore be gone on Samantha during their daily conversation, even she is just a voice. The little prince love his rose. In movie" The shape of water", Elisa fell in love with the mysterious creature, just because she saw herself in it.

    For this topic, himo is focusing on the moment in our lives when you can feel love, whether it comes from appreciation or mutual sympathy. These love may be unspeakable, or cannot be recorded with films, then let us use the language of illustration to show the moment of love.
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