Voluzi Brand Identity

  • Seeking references for the creation of the Voluzi new brand identity, an IT company based in Portugal, I decided to fall back to the representative scale of information in digital media until the binary code.

    The visual translation of the encoded information into a binary system can be visualized in the form of two pulses, one representing “1” and a second representing “0” in a two-dimensional graph.

    This road leads us to the minimal representation of information in the current IT architecture since the definition of Boolean Algebra in 1854, then applied in electrical circuits in 1937, the bit.

    We advance in the timeline until the appearance of optical fiber, the fastest way for transmission of information nowadays, that among others can uses a technique for transmission of digital data called ASK (Amplitude-shift keying).

    In an ASK system, the binary symbol "1" is represented by the transmission of a carrier wave of fixed amplitude and fixed frequency for a bit duration of "T" seconds.

    In this way the symbol was constructed by mergening the smallest unit of information of the digital systems, the bit, and the visual representation of its transmission through optical fiber, the fastest way used today.

    Using a mathematical model, courtesy of José Maia Neto, to generate the waves and selecting an interval of these, we created the symbol. The unique typography was inspired by the visual representation of the transmission of information using binary code.

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