Chracter design for Snasserif

  • Character design for Sansserif
  • The idea was to design small monsters, with certain differences between them, to represent different behaviors, but were from the same family.

  • The beginning
    I have designed many different characters looking for something interesting.

  • Something interesting
    After trying many things, I start to find an interesting line to work on.

  • The evolution
    The characters are evolving little by little. Many things work better now. Suggestions from the client also go into this part and take the character to another level.
  • 3D world
    It is quite an adventure to transfer 2D designs to the 3D world. Still in this part there are modifications. Certain things do not work well. This is the first modeling of the characters.

  • Final
    After eliminating some characters and adjusting others, the characters are finished.

  • The final result comes out of the work process, where things are tested and others are discarded. It is an important part of work and for me the most fun.