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  • CodeCraftsmen

    CodeCraftsmen is a young company that is dynamically developing in IT development, mobile app development, UI/UX and QA testing directions. The company has opened 3 representative offices in 2 countries for the last year, and the issue of the identity became important for further development. The company did not have its personal visual strategy and was not noticeable among hundreds of competitors. More than that, new employees were afraid to start working for an unknown company.
  • Concept

    The aim of the concept is to make the company noticeable at the IT market with the help of using simple forms in the logo, identity, and a bright colour scheme. The company is going to attract young developers and designers, with the peculiar company style demonstrating the company's DNK and helping to make the first contact with the HR department. Employees should be proud of the place where they work, with the right company's logo being placed, without any embarrassment, on T-shirts, backpacks, and other stuff.

    Font logo is easily used on carriers of visual information, and symbol “C” is an ambassador in social networks. The company symbol works as a trigger which personifies members of the team as well as the range of services provided by the company. The strict color emphasizes responsibility with respect to the tasks set; the bright colour reflects young and innovative spirit inside the company.
  • Website

    The task was to create an image web shuttle in the internet and to make a short excursion along the company services. The solution was to ignore huge massives of data and terminology and to let the client get acquainted with  real cases 
    and reviews on the resources like Dribbble, LinkedIn and GitHub.  The vivid colors let to attract the user's attention and the text style gives the feeling of being on  same wave and speaking the same language.
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