Illustrations for Canvas Bags with Raccoons and Foxes

  • My goal with this project was to create super fresh and friendly designs for a canvas bag. I wanted to make the design series with different animals and at the same time highlight atmosphere of Berlin, its culture, famous symbols, German and international cafes, restaurants, bakeries, chocolate shops and street foods with sausages, pizzas, cookies, donuts, ice creams, and many other sweets.

    Among animals I picked raccoon and fox that are known for their adaptation and creativity, especially in searching for food. Did you know that sometimes you can see a wild fox in the city center of Berlin?

    I also needed to keep in mind typical constraints of the modern offset printing with minimal number of colors, line heights, etc.

    Project was made exclusively for the limited edition clothing brand Silky Foxy Fabrics.
  • I have drawn the design of the bags in Illustrator Draw on iPad in my Berlin studio. Later I have processed it in Illustrator and created 3D models in Dimension.
  • For bags’ background colors I have selected tender pastel colors: blue, green and pink. I have added bright yellow to have a contrast.
  • What can be more friendly than a fox and raccoon?
  • The bags are perfect to carry sweets.
  • ​​​​​​​
    Silky Foxy Fabrics is a small fashion brand based in Berlin. It produces limited editions of clothes and accessories for women with unique designs.

    Designer and illustrator - Kateryna Omelchuk

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