101 flat Corona photo shoot

  • 101 flat Corona photo shoot
  • It's been a while that i'm working on this project as a case study, my main goal was to keep the render time as less as possible while keeping the quality high. Although i used a very small amount of denoising threshold(0.03) i ended up with some noticeable noises here and there which i found pretty close to photography vibes. the scene itself is pretty simple with textures mostly more than 4K, surrounded by a 360-degree environment, modeled and textured to be seen from virtually all possible angles as long as you keep the cameras inside. It took approximately 1 to 2 hours each image in 2K except  the close-up with the carpet which took more than 6 hours. The rug itself is a 3d scanned geometry with 16K texture captured with "Dabarti Capture". I used mostly poly modeling for the whole scene, Zbrush for adding extra details, Marvelous designer for fabrics and Corona for rendering, i also used ArionFx for tone mapping and Photoshop for final color correcting. I found ArionFx much more powerful than the Corona built-in tone mapping tools for this scene.

    Hope you like this project and enjoy the images below.