Low Bed


    In this project for Low Bed I was asked to design 3 architectural spaces to present its new range of mattresses. The idea was to create monochromatic rooms based on the color of each mattress model, using these models as the main piece of  the space decoration.

    Inspired by the current trends in interior design, I have chosen the mixture of different materials as wood, stucco, metals, fabrics and patterns. To present the project, I asked the illustrator Srkoene, who has turned each room into an illustrated design.

    3D & Art Direction / Guille Llano
    Product Model / Antonio García
    Illustrations / Srkoene

  • Green Room

  • llustration by Srkoene

  • Red Room

  • Illustration by Srkoene

  • Blue Room

  • Illustration by Srkoene

  • Clay & Lighting

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