Toyota Aygo with Rick Guest

  • "Bright, bold and distinctive" sums up the style of Toyota's revamped, flamboyant compact model Aygo.

    Closely collaborating with Rick Guest, and led by our UK branch, artists from our studios in New York, London and Stuttgart joined forces on this extensive project to create an abundance of colorful full CGI images and animations. The photographer decided on a daylight studio look, and for the selected angles we exchanged car and background colors, as well as lots of custom options that are available in the various trim levels. 

    The 360º animation begins by spinning through the interior, alternating colour and customization options, moving on to the outside and continuing with the theme. Modified to fit all sorts of media formats the campaign has been published throughout Europe, covering printed and digital billboards, magazine pages, bus stops and mobile devices. More of this series on our website.
  • Client: Toyota
    Photographer: Rick Guest
    Agency: The&Partnership
    Art Director: Dan Beckett
    Production Assistant: Dale Chapman
    Integrated Producer: Louisa Meecham

    CGI Artists: Anna Toropova, Kristian Turner, Carlos Pecino, Dariusz Makovski / Recom Farmhouse
    Animations: Anna Toropova, Caroline Pires, Andrew Coleman, Thomas Kaufmann / Recom Farmhouse
    Post Artists: Pepê Alram, Ulf Cantignon, Kate Brown, Maria Luisa Calosso, Riikka Eiro / Recom Farmhouse
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