Coat of Arms

  • Coat of Arms
    This is a very special project, wich aim was to create an outstanding coat of arms for a private person with passion for heraldry.
    As every coat of arms – this one has its own history and interpretation.
    The splitted shield – first is black part with a rampant silver lion, second – red with a silver harp. It is splitted by a silver sword facing up. And a silver tournament helm with a black and white virol.
    Lion – is a symbol of authority, power and nobility of character.
    The silver – is the color of truth.
    Black means honesty. Over this color, no ther color can remain unnoticed.
    The harp represents the love of the emblazoned to music. The silver color is symbol of happiness and eloquence.
    Red backgroundis the color of joy, honor and charity.
    The sword is the symbol of justice, sincerity and straightness of character. The silver color is also a symbol of justice.
    The whole coat of arms has the heritage of lusitanian geneological past.
  • The Coat of Arms
  • Everything starts from a sketch.
  • 2D Version
  • 3D sculpting
  • Shading / Close ups
  • Final look
  • Client: Private person
    Creative production agency: Looma
    Head of Art: Sergey Prokopchuk
    Sketching and 2D illustrations: Olexa Andrushenko
    Sculpting: Yurii Tikhonovsky
    Shading: Alexander Remishevsky