Doddle social media and print campaign

  • Doddle social media and print campaign
  • We worked with Wax/On to create a versatile campaign suitable for screen and print to promote Doddle and it's parcel collection service. The animation shows parcel delivery 'hell' versus a cloud-filled parcel collection 'heaven', reminding us that Doddle is the 'perfect place for our presents'.

    The animation combines 2D and 3D techniques giving it a soft, painterly quality, and it's built in one shot cleverly panning from parcel drop-off misery to the parcel collection happy place. Everything is rendered in Maya.
  • Cloud exploration
  • Colour test, style test & character design
  • Prop designs
  • Style frames
  • Final renders
  • First animatic
  • Animation test
  • 3D layout
  • Print design in situ (Kings Cross)
  • Credits
    Client: Wax/On 
    Animation Director: Dane Winn
    Art Director: Izzy Burton
    Executive Director: Damian Hook
    Producer: Chantal Baldwin