• Client: The Golden Horde
    Date: October 2018
    Illustrations: Nathaniel Rueda / Mute

    Arkvatar is an innovative system which allows you to create a customized and unique avatar to cryptocurrency wallets, giving you the option to have a personalized appereance and distinguish yourself from other crypto users.

    For this project, 10 character classes were created. Each character class has 3 different equipment sets in 3 different ranks: common, rare and ultra rare. Aside from the 3 sets, there's also the base character. Inside these sets, the user will find three equipment items: Head, Chest and legs. All of them are interchangeable with elements from other sets and other base characters, giving a total of 100 elements to mix and match. This means each user has a over 27 million character combinations available!

    Each  character would have a small space for display, starting at 128 x 128 px. For this reason, this project was developed with a style that could be legible at small sizes. This style is close to pixel art and resembles old rpg games.


    Each set was developed with a different character class, style or concept in mind, as to give each of them a distinct personality and make the elements as varied as possible. Displayed are the 10 character sets, with their different equipment tiers. (From left to right: Base character, common, rare and ultra rare).
  • The Flaming Biker Skeleton.
  • The Anonymus Hacker
  • The Panda Monk
  • The Ice Warrior Wolf
  • The Orc Archer
  • The Cat Princess
  • The Shaman Cat
  • The Female Bandit
  • The Steampunk Werewolf
  • The Human Paladin
    All character bases and equipement items are interchangeable for this project. This is to give the user a great amount of customization when creating their Arkvatar. Here are some randomly generated character sets.

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