SHP Architecture Identity

  • SHP Architecture
  • Spirit of Innovation Dating Back to 1901
  • SHP is a full-service architecture, engineering and planning design company. They have led the way with research-based work, sustainable practices, and the use of new technology. Their research-based culture is focused on the impact design can have on the life-long, life-wide and life-deep (what we call L3) learning journey. They recently wrote a book, 9 Billion Schools, recognizing that there will soon be 9 billion people on this planet, representing 9 billion personalized educational journeys.
    SHP was looking for recommendations to keep “Leading Design” as part of the naming convention, as well, an updated visual identity: logo/icon, color, typeface and shape language, a suite of design templates for letterhead, business cards, PowerPoint/Keynote, notepad and Post-It and documentation (e.g. memo, proposal).
  • Developing the Brand
  • We started off diving into SHP Leading Design’s current brand, giving an audit to the current architecture, engineering, planning and all services. As we learned more about SHP Leading Design, the teams, the work and the positioning we were able to dive into the refresh—learning, sketching and defining strategy for the future allowed WHBV to create new forms and typefaces for the future while celebrating the past.
  • Brand Strategy
  • The overall brand strategy for SHP was to look at the spaces they created, the people that interacted with those spaces and to create a mark that stood tall, but communicated simply. The typeface had to be modern, clean, and have adaptability. The type can and will stand on its own, not to thin, not to thick. The same can be said about the mark. Its architecture, its geometry and its ownable.
    The overall brand is clean and modern and still pays homage to SHP “Leading Designs’” past. The SHP brand has been building its name since 1901. The company has seen it all and is still standing tall. We had such a great experience refreshing the SHP look and feel—we look forward to where the brand is moving.
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    Creative Direction & Design..........Jason Snell
    Design...........................................Phil Valois
    Print...............................................Matt Dorman

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