The British Heart Foundation 'Dechox' campaign

  • The British Heart Foundation 'Dechox' campaign
  • We produced these hilarious chocolatey characters for the 2019 British Heart Foundation's 'Dechox' - the fundraising challenge to give up chocolate in February and raise money for heart research.

    We sent our chocolate friends packing to their sweet holiday retreat for a spot of R&R, however, the fun doesn't last long and the sun soon goes in when the Dechox begins.

    The campaign went live on Boxing Day across all major commercial channels and will continue throughout January on TV and social media. 
  • Character design for pitch
  • Character line-up
  • Colour script
  • Environment composition
  • Animatic
  • Prop designs
  • Stills
  • Client:
    Wax On for the British Heart Foundation

    Ben Steer - Director
    Joe Kinch - Art Director 
    Chris Wright - Modelling
    Look Dev - Gherado Zurla
    Anthony Delliste - Rigging
    Mark Spokes, Valantin Puig, Ben Steer - Animation
    Yolande Clerek - Lead Light and Comp
    Geroge Quelch - Lighting and Comp
    Fabrizia Spera - Effects
    Damian Hook - Executive Producer
    Lizzie Hicks - Creative Producer