The helpers

  • Client   hjælperne
    Year     2018
    Task     Visual identity

    Approved logo for the Danish company "hjælperne". (The helpers). 

    "hjælperne" is a not for profit company that offers help for elderly in their home. Practical help as well as socialising and other services. "hjælperne" primarily consists of young students, who work as helpers in their spare time as an alternative to a traditional student job. The company is founded by the two social entrepreneurs Nicklas Jappe and Emil Vincentz when they where only 23 years old and looking for student jobs themselves. The company is now led by Emil Vincentz.

    The concept is to match a young helper with an elder through interviews, so they hopefully will build a long-term relationship, beneficial for both parts. The young helpers help with cleaning, IT-support, gardening and buying groceries etc. In return the elders can share their life experiences and wisdom. 

    "hjælperne" is a young company in more than one sense, the company is founded only a fews years back. From being no more than 13 helpers back in late November 2015, the company now consists of more than 150 helpers and has gained a lot of positive attention in the Danish news. The company offers help in the two Danish cities Aarhus and Skanderborg, but the ambition is to cover the entire country and maybe even extend the service to other countries as well.