Drinks Showcase...

  • MISHKA- 'Vodka for every opportunity'

    Stills and animation for the new Mishka bottle rebranding. Outputs included multiple social content and OOH including Melbourne's Bourke St 6 story digital full motion billboard, the largest in Australia.
  • Client - MISHKA

    Agency - Pinnacle Drinks

    branding - Re agency
    production / post-production- Limehouse creative
    drinks stylist- Cecilia Bloom
    art director / stylist- Rebecca Riegger
    shoot producer- Ashlee Savins
    photographer- Jeremy Hudson
    PHG assistant- Freddy Morales
  • STRANGE BREW - 'Refresh Your Inner Genius'

    Einstein was created by hand sculpting in 3D - coffee beans were also CGI.
    With the print version, the bottle was from supplied photography which was also replicated in 3D for the animation.
    We applied movement to Einstein in the animation and used a mix of liquid simulations to achieve the effect.
    We also created fizzing and liquid air bubbles to push the realism within the Einstein liquid shapes.
  • Client - Fiji Airways

    Agency- OMD

    photographer - Jonathan May
    agent - Flipp Management
    retouching & 3d - Limehouse creative
    cgi - Chairs built in 3ds Max from CAD data
    agency - Iris Worldwide
    art director - Alex Goodman / Brad Jones
    producer - Michael Wilson
    account manager - Courtney Borg
  • LAZY BEAR - 'Bundy Smugglers'
  • The agency Traffik partnered with Budgy on the promo: Bundy X Budgy = The Bundy Smugglers.
    This was a great fun campaign for us to work on and we enjoyed carrying the whole end-to-end integrated production process.
    The initial approach was to first shoot the talent in 'Bundy Smugglers' along with all product shots. The polar bear was then built entirely in 3D and then the real product shot was placed on the body. The talent and bear was then retouched to fit the background and get the right look and feel for the upcoming hot Australian summer.
  • Client - Lazy Bear

    Agency - Traffik Group

    Account Director - Daniel Adams
    Senior Account Manager - Katie Ryan Account
    Executive - Isabella Rigg
    Creative Resource Manager - Ryan Wrigley
    Photography- Jeremy Hudson
    Production & Post
    CGI/3D build, live shoot, 2D graphics & retouching - Limehouse creative