*Updated - Clementine Things Corporate Identity

  • Clementine Things
    Corporate identity made for " Clementine Things ", a recent portuguese creative studio that deals with multiple concepts applied to fixed and moving image. They asked for a brand that would easily identify their business and simultaneously express  a " fresh & cute " look in a manner so they can relate to their target audience.
    The symbol was shaped in a way that the clementine slices would represent the idea of motion , trail and capture.
    *Official site comming soon
  • Inspiration
  • Construction
  • Detail (motion / trail / capture)
  • Shooting a institutional advertising
    © 2012 All Rights Reseved , Photography by Catarina Pires 
  • Norton's Music Video - "Coastline"
    © 2012 All Rights Reseved , Photography by Catarina Pires 
  • *Update
    This project has been published in the book “VISUAL HARMONY - PROPORTION IN GRAPHIC DESIGN” , SendPoints Publishing Co , 2016
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