Hanoi's Street Food Minimap

  • Hanoi's Street Food Minimap

    One of the greatest things about Hanoi is its food, everybody knows that. But if you’re like me, someone adventurous with a not-so-adventurous stomach this is definitely the guide you need, to safely try a bit of this city’s delicious food!

  • I walked around Hanoi for around a week and I had the chance to try a bit of everything thanks to numerous recommendations from friends, guides, and locals, and here’s my top 7 for the city. In these places you will be able to enjoy not only some amazing street food, but also some super interesting and not so popular dishes, very authentic places where you will enjoy a full cultural experience and have a lot of fun in this amazing, hectic and lovely city.

    Rice pancakes filled with mushrooms, fish with turmeric, fried snacks, fresh beer, coffee and desert… here you have a small bite. However, since there is a lot more to try, when you do it, please share it with us and we will try it in our next visit… (yes, we definitely, definitely want to go back to Hanoi very soon!)
  • Illustration: Victoria Fernández
    Route, edition & social media applications: Ana Laya

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