BBC Bitesize - 'KS3 Welsh'

  • BBC Bitesize: 'KS3 Welsh'
  • BBC Bitesize commissioned Bomper Studio to produce a collection of 17 animated short films - a total of 50 minutes - centred on four 11- 14 year olds, learning KS3 Welsh in comedic daily-life scenarios. 

    Responsible concept to delivery, Bomper engaged a selection of scriptwriters and educational consultants to build a story with the perfect balance of factuality, relevancy and humour. A style bible was built, voice actors were cast and user testing was carried out.

    Eleven of the episodes were created using a blend of 2D and 3D - CGI being used for the back drops and certain objects, and 2D being used for hand drawn characters and on screen infographic elements. The remaining six episodes being entirely CGI. This style keeps the content fresh, unique and appealing; capturing the tastes of a broad spectrum of learners.

    The end result is a series of concise and lively shorts.
  • Here’s the multi-talented rapper, beat-boxer & producer, Mr Phormula, performing a rap for one of our characters for BBC Bitesize. In EP13, Mr Phormula passes on his craft to a new generation, by helping KS3 learners compare two poems.
  • Credits
    Executive Producer: Nia Davies (BBC Bitesize)
    Producers: Angharad Rhys, Anwen Jones (BBC Bitesize)
    Creative Director: Emlyn Davies (Bomper)
    Art Director: Josh Hicks (Bomper)
    Executive Producer: Lewis Williams (Bomper)
    Scriptwriters: Daniel Glynn, Elidir Jones 
    Actors: Lois Meleri-Jones, Elin Haf-Davies, Jac Morgan, Deio Jones 
    Production: Bomper Studio, Tree Top Films
    Sound Production: Cranc