Fantasy Game Project

  • Loading Screen Development. 
    Battle of the demon and palladin. It was necessary to show the two armies and the main battle.

  • Development of concept art of the character - Witch.
    It was supposed to be a beautiful girl magician, in an evening dress of red color with elements of armor.
    It must be shown with elements of fire.

  • Development of a Warrior art concept.
    The armor should be feminist and emphasize the chest. Some parts of the body should be bare, for example legs, hands or stomach. The warrior should be sexy and strong.

  • Development of concept art of the character - Holy Doctor.
    Must be a young guy in bright clothes (yellow and white) preferably without armor. And there must be some elements of light.

  • Character selection menu in the game.
    The task was to develop three characters with one common background. I offered to do the same to each character of his personal little background, reflecting its essence.

  • During the passage of the game card at certain moments, characters will appear in the corner of the screen with dialogs. One of these characters will be the demon Arganon is the main demon in the game. Demons are different, some of them have nothing in common with humans. But Arganon was a man in the past and therefore he has human traits (his body is a human body that has changed and assumed demonic traits)

  • The concept development stage and another version of the daemon.

  • Several color options

  • General background for characters.

  • Loading  Screen. 
    The purpose of the screensaver is to make the user feel immersed in the Dungeon theme. The image should also include key points, such as creatures hiding in a cave or dungeon. In addition, we would like to see the path leading to this dungeon, which helps the player to believe that this dungeon is a very dangerous place. An important feature of the landscape is that it must show that this place has seen many battles. The sky at the same time should look interesting and fit your surroundings.

  • General background for characters_2

  • General background for characters_3