• Although I am from Kerala, I haven't really lived there.
    I've mostly known Kerala through movies and TV shows.

    Kerala has been going through some tough times in the recent past, but I tend to ignore it because my idea of Kerala is this fantasy land with witty people who deliver witty one liners all the time, landscapes that are all so green all through the year, and the incredibly strong and powerful women who sway elegantly when they walk, shooting libido levels beyond what mercury can handle. 

    This series is my attempt to capture my idea of a fictional Malayali’s life. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Naadodi

  • Veendum Chila Veettukaaryangal

  • Koottu

  • Theevandi

  • Ustaad Hotel

  • Daaham

  • Mazha

  • Premam

  • Prayikkara Paapaan

  • Mock magazine covers

  • Nanni