Creative Wordmark Series

  • Creative word-marks using mixed-media tools by Jeroen van Eerden 

    During my personal journey in becoming a better and more broad designer, I started this series in creating word marks / logos and capture that specific elements within each design. I'm planning on making more creations like these, because as a designer you really never stop learning. Let me know what you think of these explorations and if you may have any feedback that would be highly appreciated. 

    A little side note on how these designs where created:
    It actually started on my illustrator while I was experimenting with my new plugins from Astute Graphics. I created a grid raster which resulted into this interesting looking 'ripple' effect on my typographic iterations. I decided to take them back to my drawing board and duplicate this same effect with my brushes and markers. So it's really a 'mixed-media' kind of experiment goin on here. I hope you enjoy these first four versions.  
  • I would highly appreciate if you push that "appreciation" button if you liked watching these explorations! If you have any questions or possible suggestions for any next explorations (subjects and words) please include them in the comments below.