A Moony Night

  • A moony night / 明月夜
    Traditional Chinese paints on silk/绢本设色
    90x120cm (36x47in) 
    A moony night, it's about getting empowerment in a soothing way. Dragon is a charming creature, resembled superpower, enlightenment and energy. Every time I saw it in an ancient mural art in a temple, I would get a strong sense of empowerment. Here I’d like to bring the same empowerment to the viewers. 
    In those of my paintings mostly have involved different creatures, hope I could develop a sense of self-respect, respect for other species and life energy. 
  • Sightseeing/觀山 
    Traditional Chinese pigment on silk/絹本設色
  • Flamingo and Rabbit / 兔子和火烈鸟
    Traditional Chinese pigment on silk / 絹本設色
    27x19in (68x48cm) 
  • An anxious rabbit in its room/一只焦虑的兔子在它的房间里
    Traditional Chinese pigments on silk/绢本设色
    90x75cm (35x30in) 

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