Le Guess Who? festival 2018

  • Le Guess Who? is a city-wide celebration of global sounds and musical boundary-crossing. The 12th edition of the festival takes place 8-11 November 2018, in the picturesque city of Utrecht, The Netherlands.

    The artwork is inspired by the concept of medieval and Persian carpets depicting gardens in a flat graphic way from above. Showing ever expanding borders of lush greenery, fountains and architecture just like how the festival displays the riches of the worldwide music and arts scene. The poster was revealed in three stages starting at the centre and zooming out along the way. Revealing more riches, artists and art every step.​​​​​​​
  • During four days, Le Guess Who? takes over the city center of Utrecht with over 150 performances set to electrify pop venues, theaters, churches, galleries and warehouses. Satellite events with music, film, visual art, photography and markets appear at cafés, hotels, restaurants, wharf cellars, de Neude square and the hidden corners of the city.
  • "The festival has grown into a wide-ranging event for alternative or obscure or historical tastes, taking place in churches, galleries and theaters around the city, along the lines of Primavera and Big Ears in Knoxville, Tennessee." 

    – New York Times
  • Photo's by Photos by Ben Houdijk, Erik Luyten, Tim van Veen, Melanie Marsman, Jelmer de Haas, Jan Rijk
  • Artist photos by Juri Hiensch & Melanie Marsman
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