• 2018 is almost done, time to do a check of works from the ending year. 
    Here are some book cover designs and illustrations from 2018 and a couple or so from a few years back.

    Big thanks to Ateneo de Naga University for having me!

  • The first three books are my father’s Raffi Banzuela, non-fictions about the history of our province and town, Dios Makina which delves into the heart and soul of Albayano’s (Albay being my province). Perceivably I explored both visual metaphor and straight forward symbols to represent the books content.

    For the design of Racism and the Filipino Diaspora by E. San Juan I wanted to catch the feeling of unrest, the movement of migration, a cry for and about the flight and plight of Filipinos around the world, in culture and in politics. I by pushing the letters past the margins I felt the book demands the attention as its topic sorely does.
  • I love working with flowing lines that form recognisable shapes that eventually and hopefuly draw an image reflecting the stories on the books pages. 

    The Star of Panghulo was written by Patricio Mariano (Ang Tala sa Panghulo, 1913) and here translated by Soledad S. Reyes. Ma’am Sol provided the concept for the cover “a silhoutte of a woman in a simple Filipino dress typically worn in the 1890s by peasant, with her bilao laden with items”. I personally love how it turned out, the smokey lines providin a bit of intrigue.

    Lambang Ika, Kita Gabos is a book published by the Ateneo de Naga Univerity Press and the Czech Embassy in Manila. It is an anthology of stories by the illustrious Czech author Karel Čapek translated in the Bikol languages. 31 local writers and illustrators lent their talents in the making of this book.

    The faces in the cover may symbolise the multiple stories housed in the book, but I actually based it on the title which roughly translates to Each One, Everyone of Us.

  • For Katrina Stuart Santiagos twin anthropology book I deisgned a modern look working around the cover artwork of Alyssa Gibbs and the theme of pop culture and the personalities.
  • Waray Huinong sa Gugma by Jerry B. Grácio was designed around the art by Aerica Buban and a huge thanks goes to Maicon Bonato for the photo reference.

    Mga Sugat ng Naligaw sa Gugat by Emmanual Quintos Velasco, the design can after the concept of a triptych featuring the paintings of Kurt Frandsen.

  • Spreads
  • Some of the more interesting studies.