• Break/Fast
    From the phrase breken fast “to break one’s fast, end abstinence from food.”

    Personal project published in the latest issue of Polpettas Magazine. Rather than stick to the conventional still life format, "Break/fast" is an abstract and absurd work conceived from literally the appropriation of the composition in the word “break” from “breakfast”. The series It’s a collection of challenging, funny, absurd visuals transformed into surreal compositions.

    Fragmento’s work portray’s the translation of the concept Break into ideas such as cut, crush and ruination of human behavior. Action and still life are combined to provoke the perception and stir the visual values of still life. The series becomes a very visual graphic creation of different playful situations that destroy tabletops related to the moment of breakfast. 


    ART DIRECTION & PHOTOGRAPHY / Tessa Dóniga Johnson / 
    ART ASSISTANT / Cristina Robles / 
    PHOTO RETOUCHING / Leticia Jiménez /
    EDITORIAL DESIGN / Relaja el Coco
    SPECIAL THANKS / Masa Madre / Quique Arias /