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  • Contemplatio
  • Long before the machines have taken over, long before the journey of social self-alienation was imposed by modern society, there was a certain joy in emptiness: A pleasure in having time to contemplate the world, to be one with nature and to spend time to our self-development. The Greeks called this period contemplatio, in English, contemplation. Plato believed that through contemplation the soul would ascend to knowledge of the Form of the Good or other divine forms. In a similar journey, the search for contemplation has led the artist Gustavo Chams to a pathway of self discovery and an immersion to his own simple yet melancholic childhood. This experience has led to the creation of Contemplatio, a series of 5 risography images that explore his early contact with melancholy and nature.
    Gustavo Chams is a photographer, graphic designer and visual artist, born and  raised in São Paulo, Brazil and currently living in Vancouver, British Columbia. He received an undergrad diploma as a Graphic Designer from the Visual  College of Art and Design.
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