Damn Hot Mic's Chilli

  • Mic's Chilli - Damn Hot Sauce

    hot sauce labels
    It's over 8 years ago that I started working with Mic's Chilli on their original hot sauce range. Both the sauces and the artwork have won many awards during that time. I'm delighted to show the latest range of DAMN HOT SAUCES - hope you like :))
  • Naga Knockdown 600,000 SHU, Trouble in Trinidad 1,200,000 SHU, Voodoo reaper 1,500,000 SHU
  • sketches
    All my work starts with a pencil sketch 
  • Illustration and hand lettering
  • Label Artwork
    I used a different foil was used for each of the labels
  • illustrated barcodes
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