K A P I T A L Typeface by Superfried

  • K A P I T A L – Typeface by Superfried – [50% off until 31 Dec 2018]

    Kapital is an elegant, geometric uppercase sans. It is available in standard and stencil style across four weights – light | regular | medium | demi – covering 346 glyphs.
    It is based on the capital character set from a previous release – Basik. Continuing the clean, geometric aesthetics, Kapital was refined further to create a more minimal style. This enabled the characters to discreetly perform their role – to simply convey the message of the writer without distraction.

    To achieve this, special attention was applied to the form consistency of the glyphs across the weights and negative space throughout. In many typefaces as the weight is increased the form and style can deviate significantly from the original design. With regards to negative space – although inevitable – wherever possible key letterforms were adjusted to alleviate this.

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