Mickey Mouse 90th Exhibition

  • To celebrate Mickey's 90th birthday I was asked along with 90 other local (Australian) artists to create a piece for The Mickey Mouse Arthouse exhibition at Melbourne Central to celebrate #mickey90 and the only limitation is we only use black, white (and every shade in between), red, and finally yellow. This event was put together by the awesome folks at radiovelvet curated by the one and only Eddie Zammit. All prints are for sale and a limited amount are printed into t-shirts too.
  • Original title card for Steamboat Willie, Mickey's debut cartoon.
  • Initial ideas was to create a poster in that period for Steamboat Willie, after that was a bit of exploration within certain art periods. Deco seems to fit because Steamboat Willie was released in the 20s, and another exploration looking at gothic windows as a curiousity.