Mercedes X-Class with Anke Luckmann

  • "First Of A New Kind" is a Mercedes Benz campaign with Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, photographed by Anke Luckmann to launch their new pickup, the X-Class. Just like the car, the campaign had to combine both toughness and the luxury associated with the brand. 

    Producer Volker Dencks led the team, together with creatives Dennis Mensching and Lily Sohm, through the complex and multifaceted shoot. Over four weeks in California, they drove on and off-road across a huge variety of terrain and climate zones from snowy mountains via cities to deserts.

    his enormous campaign was completed with the CGI and retouching of over 70 images by Recom Berlin.

  • Client: Mercedes Benz
    Agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinski
    Photographer: Anke Luckmann
    Art Director: Lily Sohm
    Creative Director: Dennis Mensching
    Production: wide
    Stylist: Artemis Jafari
    Make-up Artist: Alison Burmeister

    Post Artist: Jonas Braukmann, Jonathan Clarke, June Lee, Stephanie O`Connor / Recom Berlin
    CGI Artist: Richard Jenkinson, Sebastian Schierwater  / Recom Berlin
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