The Dream of Ink

  • “The Dream of Ink” is the official opening video for UNHIDE Conference, the first event focused on Digital Art in Brazil, promoted by UNHIDE School and sponsored by Lightfarm. In the original version, the video was entirely idealized and produced to be displayed on a giant 180-degree screen used in the main auditorium of the Conference. 
  • Here, you can check 2 versions of the movie: the wider version, exhibited during the 3 days of Conference, and other version with a smaller proportion, adapted to fit an iPhone regular screen.

    We also invite you to watch our Making of, showing a bit of the step-by-step of the video production, and watch Milton Menezes and Rafael Vallaperde lecture where they explain in detail how was the whole process of creating, executing and finalizing this video.
  • Credits:
    Direction, production and VFX: Rafael Vallaperde
    Original idea: Milton Menezes
    Concept, Storyboard and Layout: Kawe de Sá
    Animation: Viviane Rodrigues, Kawe de Sá
    Concept art: Diego Barcellos, Giselle Almeida
    Modeling: Diogo Reis, Diego Maricato
    CGI Generalist: Rafael Moco, Marcelo Cabral, Diogo Reis, Diego Maricato, Rafael Vallaperde, Caio Imero, Kawe de Sá
    Shading and Rendering: Diego Maricato, Thiago de Sul, Marcelo Cabral
    VFX: Thiago Paladino, Rafael Moco, José Mauro Lobão, Rafael Vallaperde, Kawe de Sá, Johnny Farmfield, Mesrop Hovhannisyan aka MES
    Rigging: Apolo Osornio, Danilo Pinheiro ,Gabriel Valderramos, Glauber Belo, Isaac Buzzola, Matheus Alexandre
    Retopology: Diogo Reis
    Soundtrack: Meridian, by Odesza
    Programs used: Cinema 4D, Houdini, Blender, Zbrush, Turbulence Fd, X-Particles, Nuke, Maya, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere

    Founded in 2017 by Lightfarm partners Milton Menezes and Rafael Vallaperde, the UNHIDE SCHOOL is a learning platform focused on the teaching of Photoshop, CGI and Photography, developed to help artists and future artists learn new workflows and insights on digital art creation. 

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