Hijacked Festival Identity

  • Electronic music festival Hijacked Festival got in touch as they thought my style of work would be a perfect fit for their direction for the years festival. It was their largest year as a festival and was their fifth anniversary so they wanted all of the artwork to be really special.

    I worked closely with the Creative Director in fleshing out a number of concepts and then we landed on one that everyone loved. The idea was to essentially break apart their star logo and create an explosion affect so that it would look as if the logo had exploded revealing all of the crazy illustrations and mad festival lineup. We experimented a lot with multiple colour executions, deciding on one that captured the essence of their brand with a few new and brighter options to add to the palette. The illustrations were all created around containing the text and to show energy and excitement. 

    Once the poster was nailed, we went forward and rolled out the new look and feel across every touchpoint including video screens for the mainstage, t shirts, backstage passes, wristbands and most brilliantly, huge 3d objects that were built around the mainstage and festival site which lit up at night!