• Time: 2 Weeks | Work Force: 6 Designers
    Role: Research, Ideation, Materials, Fabrication, Graphics
  • GOAL:
    Design and build a life sized Dune Buggy prototype using only Foam-core presentation board, pink foam, cardboard, tape and glue. 
    This Prototype, nicknamed The Marauder, is a Light Reconnaissance and Assault Vehicle (L-RAV), equipped with a 50 Caliber machine gun, fully illuminated dashboard, full suspension, and off road lights. It seats 1 driver and 2 rear passengers or 1 driver and 1 gunner. The design is inspired by the angular bodies of stealth jet fighters and modern recreational dune buggies. 
    The build took about a weeks worth of time between gathering materials and putting everything together. By using Adobe Illustrator to mock up the different vehicle components it was easier to translate the model from 2D to 3D.
    The Marauder is a successful prototype as it clearly communicated our design goals of creating a miltary class vehicle while successfully completing the project goals.
    The project was presented to the entire industrial design department as a part of a class wide competition. Our project won the prize for best dune buggy. The prototype featured a working engine compartment (opening to show a full sized motor), swiveling gun, full sized racing seat, LED embedded dashboard, and the gas cap even opens.