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    .... actually I've  never been into crocheting, UNTIL I found a bunch of beautifully colored cotton yarns in my grandmas closet ❤️ :) 
    I felt that at least (!) I should try to do something from it that will remind me of her :)

    ....sooo I did it.
    I made one little cosmetic bags, for my sister, but THAN I've started  to have more and more new cool ideas.... I found out that whatever you do it can look good so I started to combine familiar stitches with new ones that i invented and I totallyyy got carried away hahaha

    ...no mater those things maybe belong to some other age and we always connect it with old people, it doesn't need to be like that :)
    I assure you that beside you can make some really nice and unique functional objects, it will surely reduce the level of stress and throw your mind in a ZEN state in a second, as you will not be able to count stitches AND think about your 1099594 life problems at the same time haha :)

    If you already did not tried it, I fully recommend it! :)
    aaand the good thing is that the 

    winter is coming...  :D 

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