Toasted Collections by Petra.Pilbak

  • Petra Pilbák
    Toasted Collections Identity
  • Toasted Collections is a natural soy candle company based out of Northern California, with two distinct product ranges: one candle melts down to reveal a healing crystal, while another gives way to a cute quote about cannabis. After winning a 99designs label contest, petra.pilbak was hired to design nearly everything for this brand, including their identity, illustration language, refreshed logo, packaging, catalogue and more.

  • Branding and Packaging

    Pastel colors were chosen to reflect femininity, nature and a hint of magic—while clean, minimalist compositions highlight each product's simplicity. The candles' handcrafted quality is emphasized with bespoke illustrations that provide contrast against the crystal's geometric forms and hand-drawn, custom typography.​​​​​​​

    The quotes on each Quote Candle label are paired with matching hand drawn graphics depicting ethereal stars, moons, cannabis leaves, crystals and sparkles. By using monochromatic colors, more emphasis is placed on the hero visual and the quote—while the small graphics act as a background pattern.
  • The label that started it all, by petra.pilbak
  • On getting the job: "We instantly clicked. I loved the concept of her brand. The fact that she had a very clear idea of her brand from the very beginning made my work easier (and so much fun). It's always a pleasure to work with Shireen."​​​​​​​
  • About the designer

    Petra is a self-taught graphic designer, fine arts student and more recently—a freelancer. She likes working on packaging design projects for new brands, since it allows her to create a concept from scratch involving identity design, illustration and typography.​​​​​​​
  • "I let myself be inspired by the analogue, decorative and folk art. I love working with brands that have values close to my own; startups or artisan makers, people with handmade businesses with innovative ideas." 

    — Petra
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