Cuties ~ California Mandarins re-Branding and Packaging

  • Cuties ~ California Mandarins
    Re-Branding and Packaging upgrade for a popular consumer food product.

    As a Freelance/Contract senior designer in Teleflora's product design and development department I had the opportunity to work on the re-branding and packaging upgrade for the Cuties California Mandarins Brand. 

  • Above Final Logo/Type Treatment and Character design.
  • Below Type/Logo variation and Branding applications for
    the two main retail products the 5 lb. box and the 3 lb. bag.

  • Final "Cuties" character design.

  • "Cuties" Character exploration concepts.

  • First round design concepts and exploration of title treatments
    with various "Cuties" characters.
  • Second round design concepts.
    At this point the main type style was decided, but further exploration
    was needed to establish the right "Cuties" character look and how
    it worked with the title/logo and also with the secondary copy. Then bringing everything together with the right background.
  • This last panel was the chosen final design.
    However the final printed version did not include the rays in the background.
    Which, I think makes it a little less fun and unique. But sometimes your designs
    are dictated by the printing method involved, which was the case here.
  • Cuties California Mandarins old Packaging and character.