• Land of Grow - Grow Financial Federal Credit Union

    Concept Art, Color keys, Backgrounds, Characters and Prop Design I did at Gizmo Animation Studio, for the latest Grow Financial campaign. Done under the supervision of directors Flamboyant Paradise (Antoine Quairiat & Javier Lourenço) and production coordinator Rocio Kancepolski. I was also supervisor of 2D artists Pablo Peruzzi and Malena Zeballos.
  • Final piece by Gizmo Animation Studio.
  • Concept Art
  • Approved concept 01
  • Approved concept 02
  • Color Keys
  • Character Design
  • Characters - body shapes
  • Characters - Faces
  • Prop Design
  • Vehicles
  • Dreams bubbles - Background by Pablo Peruzzi
  • Foliage and bubbles concepts
  • Background Art

    Background pieces started as linear drawings (helpful for animators). Main guides from director Antoine Quairiat were Streamline and Art Deco styles. Looking for shiny or grainy materials, with a sense of oppressive, sterile atmosphere for City of Profit, in contrast of warmer and more organic City of Grow.
  • Linear drawing
  • Train Station
  • Detail
  • Fancy junkyard - Suspicious Lady Justice is suspicious.
  • Land of Grow
  • Thanks for watching!

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