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  • Convexe is “why”, not  “what”. It casts a new look at the current process of a company, searching for a new view, capable of producing a positive change in the most “(a)diverse” scenarios. It embraces the unpredictable in order to shape itself according to each situation to conceive creative solutions, instilling emotional values into services and products through the triad art-engineering-philosophy triad.

    Their purpose is to create a resilient, robust management system that inspires collaboration and allow artisans and small businesses to fully enjoy the opportunities that come to them.
    With a strong name that already translates the concept of “new sight”, we set out to develop the visual identity exploring ways that could broaden the perception of this concept. We have investigated and discussed optics, light, vision, the eye, and have chosen the convex lens and its optical properties as the main object of development.

    The convex lens has some characteristics that were used in the creation process: the chromatic aberrations that happen in the refraction of the light while crossing the lens were used in the definition of the color palette. The extension of the projected image was explored across the material and the physical structure of the lens was used in the construction of the symbol.

    The concept was mainly explored through a series of illustrations that provoke a new look at everyday objects, that can also be adapted to different objects in order to make a connection with a varied profile of clients and found scenarios.

    In the typographic choice, we mixed the intensity and the technical aspect, used in the Convexe methodology, by using Druk; and the lightness and attention to detail, by using Roxborough.
    The identity reflects the main characteristic of Convexe: take a new look at the present to generate the new.

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