• I N S I G H T
  • Posting pictures of our meals has become a routine. Over 25 million people show their love for tea by posting pictures on Instagram with hashtags like #Tea or #ILoveTea. TippyTea took advantage of this trend to promote its variety of tea blends in foodies most popular social media platform.

  • I D E A 
  • Inspired by the brand’s popular tea blends, we made interactive placemats and GIFs for Instagram Stories, so that everytime consumers felt like having a cup of tea, they would also feel like posting a story. This way we got Instagramers to love us as much as they love tea.

  • B R O N Z E   D I G I T A L   C R A F T

  • ​​​​​​​
    Client: Tippytea Blends

    Agency: BBDO Ecuador
    CEO: Palomo Muñoz
    DGC: Lupas Celis
    AD: Daniel Gabela, Fiorella Briz
    CW: Arturo Chavarria, José Serrano
    Motion Graphics: Christopher Valdiviezo