The Parrots / El Último Vecino Play... | Album Artwork

  • DIEGO MORATALLA — Album covers and Merchandising for The Parrots and El Último Vecino

    Description: The Parrots and El Último Vecino are two bands from the recent underground movement in Spain: the first one taking references from tecno pop and 80's new wave music, and the other from the new wave of garage. Each one made a single cover that explores other genres. 'Soy peor' is a song by the trap and reggaeton artist Bad Bunny and 'Mi chulo' is a song by Spanish trap singer La Zowi, couple of Yung Beef, a pioneer of trap in Spain. An alternative design for these singles was made reflecting that mix of opposite genres, merging metal type and vintage aesthetics. Graphics are easily adaptable to make merchandising, like t-shirts or hoodies.
    Format: Album cover (2) and merchandising
    Typefaces: The Parrots — XXII GoreGrinder by Doubletwo Studios, Gosha Sans by Pangram Pangram, Optimum Compress by Studio—io and Beatrice by Sharp Type; El Último Vecino — XXII Daemon by Doubletwo Studios, Aktura Regular by Gaetan Baehr, Gosha Sans and Beatrice.
    Done for: Personal, non-profit project
  • Credits
    Photo — Stefan Ruiz for The Fader (Bad Bunny), Adriana Roslin (La Zowi), Ahida Aguirre (Gerard from El Último Vecino)


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