• TOM is an exceptional wine composed of hand-picked grapes solely in vintage years. 
    It is Church Road's premier product demanding wine connoisseurs appreciate its nuances while recognising the craftsmanship going in to making every unique drop.

    Church Road wanted to inform the wine drinking elite of their new releases and talk to the qualities of the Tom vintages. 
    The idea was to compose an orchestral piece of music for three varietals that reflected their unique qualities or notes. So, we commissioned a collaboration between Church Road Chief Winemaker Chris Scott and celebrated New Zealand Composer Eve de Castro-Robinson to interpret the wine notes into notes for sheet music. Then for members of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra to perform live at the exclusive launch event. A symphony made from a great wine, each note complimenting its qualities, divulging its complexities and revealing its nuances.

    We then designed and animated a short film to entice and inspire buyers, connoisseurs and fans to come to the one-off event and taste 3 of the vintages, Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, Chardonnay and Syrah. The film detail was all about a modern interpretation of music and composition. Showcasing the notes with reference to a visual flowing digital equaliser responding to each note – indicative of the notes that hit your taste buds. A nod to the modern, but age-old techniques used in the creation of their wines. Complex yet simple at the same time. Prior to launch the 3 pieces of music were recorded in the Studio and pressed into 80 exclusive vinyl albums to give out at the event. Framed, signed and ready to play. Notes of Tom.
  • Credits: Ogilvy
    Art Director: Rupert Hancock
    Design Director: Nathan Chambers
    Film and Animation Director: Martin Spencer
    Content Film Director: Oliver Maisey
    Designer: Sam Cox
    Account Director: Ryan Newton