Pirate toy collection

  • Collection of toy projects
    Mainly pirate themed projects done for my favourite French client, Djeco.
  • Gnomus and Ze Cage
    The fierce Gnomus comes with a dreaded cage! 
    He is one of the Djeco Pirate Arty Toys, and he wants his treasure so beware his cage! 
    The brutish figure comes with a fearsome skull staff and strong cage!
    available to buy on many toy websites - search 'Djeco Gnomus and ze Cage DJ06820' for local sellers.
  • very loose, initial sketches (plus a caterpillar - momentary distraction :))))
  • more resolved sketches as the character starts to take shape
  • final design - turnaround drawing
  • Colour artwork sent to the 3d sculpters
  • cage design - scary face :))
  • toy has moveable head and arms
  • Kyle and Ze Throne
    (He comes with a throne - which I didn't design)
    - search 'Djeco Kyle and Ze Throne DJ06813' for local sellers.
  • turnaround drawing based on pre manufactured shapes
  • Final colour artwork with Pantone refs
  • Alric
    - search 'Djeco Altic DJ06703' for local sellers.
  • Model sheet inc. sword and shield designs
  • As part of the design process I paint the design on the remade character moulds as an aid to the 3d sculptures 
  • final toy
  • Abys - Sea Creature
    (Available soon - search Djeco Abys DJ06824)
  • Initial pencil drawings - new head design, premoulded body shape
  • colour model turnaround 
  • I did this more realistic illustration for a card that comes with the figure
  • digital render by the model makers 
  • Maximus
    Maximus is a 10cm vinyl toy with moving arms and head
    This guy was the figure I designed using my own form
    search 'Djeco Maximus DJ06727' to buy locally
    Full project for this guy here
  • initial sketch
  • colour guide and turnaround
  • Djeco Pirate Tea Set - Dinette de Pirates
    Available soon
  • initial sketches
  • Once the pencil sketches were approved they were sent for 3d sculpting. These are the technical files with my colour notes
  • Djeco Pirate cakes - Gâteaux de Pirates
    Available soon
  • Initial pencil designs 
  • first sketch for the cake box
  • final designs with treasure chest style packaging - the shark donut is my favourite :))
  • Pirates Invitation Cards
    Pack of 8 pirate shaped invitation cards with stickers. 
    The pack contains 8 pirate invitations, a sheet of stickers and 8 envelopes.
    (available online: search Djeco invitation cards ref DJ04784)

  • sketches
  • artwork
  • final cards inc. stickers
  • Captain Bones 60pc Mini Puzzle
    16cm x 22cm search: product ref DJ0767
  • final jigsaw
  • Captain Bones
  • Superhero ball
    search ref: Djeco DJ00160
  • that's Hunter in the background :))
  • sketches
  • artwork
  • I'm currently working on a pirate card game, another 4 vinyl toys and a giant pirate jigsaw puzzle (sneaky peak below). 
    I have several projects that are currently being manufactured including pirate swords, balloons and a temporary tattoo.
    I'll update this project as they come online.
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